Acting Songs

  • I coach singers individually in my private studio in New York.
  • I’m an expert at helping people find songs to fill out their audition repertoires, making sure they have material in any of the styles they might be asked for.
  • I help them decide on the best keys for themselves and set the songs up at the right length, marking them so that other accompanists can play them.
  • I make accompaniment recordings for singers to rehearse with at home.
  • When singers get hired for roles they often come to me for help in learning the music and for acting coaching.
  • I teach people how to bring organic acting technique to their songs, using the methods laid out in my book “Acting Songs”, and I prepare them to present themselves professionally at auditions.
  • I also musical direct cabaret acts and concerts for singers, helping them choose and arrange material.
  • I teach classes and give private coaching sessions online–zoom, facetime, skype.  These sessions are useful for helping performers bring acting (as in emotional connection and expressivity) to their songs.  Whether you’re preparing for auditions, in rehearsals for a show, or just wishing to deepen and improve your performing, I can help you, no matter where you are in the world.  In our online sessions I can also make repertoire suggestions.  Payment can be made either through Paypal or Venmo.  I look forward to meeting you through our computers!