Acting Songs
Acting Songs Class

August classes start soon!  .

A class with David Brunetti, Broadway vocal coach & author of “Acting Songs”. Learn a step-by-step process for applying a Meisner-based acting technique to singing songs. Develop a way of working so that you feel secure as an actor when you sing.

David specializes in helping people bring organic, theatrical acting to the performance of songs.

In his book “Acting Songs” David Brunetti interviewed prominent professionals in the New York musical theater. He asked the question “How important is acting in singing a song?” Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“It’s always about the acting. Always. I will hire somebody with less technique and more acting sensibility.”
Rob Marshall, Broadway and film director/choreographer (“Chicago”, “Nine”)

“To me the best singer is the best actor.”
Jordan Thaler, casting director, The Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival

“There are a lot of great voices out there, but if all they have are great ‘money notes’ it’s not enough. We’ll generally pass on those people. We want people who can act.”
Jim Wilhelm, casting agent, DGRW agency